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Kalpavastram ( कल्पवस्त्रम् ) is derived from the Sanskrit words "Kalpa" which means wish or desire and "Vastram" which means clothes or attire. Right from my teens, the rich weaves, embroideries and prints that are handcrafted across India always fascinated me. This was largely influenced by the fact that my father who travelled all over the country used to bring back souvenirs of textiles and handicrafts local to the regions he visited. This created in me an awareness of the magnificent textile heritage of our country and the innumerable art and craft forms that are practised here.

After completing my Bachelors in Engineering and over the next two decades while working for an IT giant, I had a dream - of one day launching a store, with each product so beautiful that a client would find it hard to choose just one. My dream became a reality in 2015 and Kalpavastram was launched on Facebook and later on Instagram. Kalpavastram's aim is to keep alive India's art and craftsmanship and make a difference in the lives of our artisans. We aspire to fulfil every woman's wish to find the most graceful ethnic attires and add to her beauty and elegance. Kalpavastram's products are sourced from across the length and breadth of India - from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Manipur to Gujarat. All products are handcrafted and Kalpavastram works with hundreds of artisan clusters across India to curate for you the very best of handcrafted products. Kalpavastram also conceptualises and creates one of its kind, exclusive designs - KV Exclusives that will make you stand out in a crowd!

Through this website, I hope to share India's textile traditions and love for handcrafted products with many more patrons across the globe. I look forward to your continued support and love on this journey.

Lakshmi, Founder


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